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to our Accepted Artists for

Watercolor West's 53rd Annual International Juried Exhibition

 Suzanne  Accetta  Gathering Grapes
 Linda  Baker  Limited Seating
 Sean  Barrett  Plasticity
 Matthew Bird  Bird  Chesapeake Pride
 Ginger  Bowen  Happiness
 Anne  Bradham  Broken Open
 Dan  Burt  Mexicoscape
 Ken  Call  Matriarch
 Caroline  Cheng  Abstract Landscape
 Janice  Cipriani-Willis  Far-Away Look
 Sandy  Delehanty  Cottonwood Color
 John  Detrick  No Fishing From Ramp
 Kathleen  Eichler  Going Home
 Terri  Field  Komorebi
 Michael  Friedland  Oakland Afternoon Light
 Devorah  Friedman  At the Faire
 Gary  Friedman  Winter Despair
 Laurie  Goldstein-Warren  Layers of Dragonflies
 Ann  Greene  At the Edge of Perception
 Xi  Guo  Daphne
 Janice  Hanson  Grief
 Tatsiana  Harbacheuskaya  Magnolia is blooming
 Elaine  Harvey  Surfsway
 Janine  Helton  High Noon
 Lori  Hess  Lena
 Suzanne  Hetzel  The Florist's Back Room
 Michael  Holter  Ode to Oxide
 Brenda  Hounshell  Mints in the Jelly Jar
 Larry  Hughes Scars of P45
 Iretta  Hunter  February Rose
 Claudia  Ihl  Malukchuk Blues
 Jeff  Ishikawa  Summer Statues
 peter  Jablokow  steam engine in Georgetown CO
 John  James  Letters To Remember-Orange Repeat
 Susan  Jochheim  Hamiltonian
 Kie  Johnson  Irresistible
 sue  johnston Abandoned on 80
 Bronwen  Jones  Wish We Could Turn Back Time
 Bev  Jozwiak  Waiting to Dance
 Jai  Kim  Man and his Bike
 Lyna  Knight  Curious ones
 Lynne  Kroll  Kaleidos
 Don  Krotee  Alabama Hills
 Chris  Krupinski  Fishin' in the Moonlight
 Kathleen  Lanzoni  Morning Conversation
 Shuang  Li  Wet Alley Southern China
 Ying  Liu  A Lama in Red
 Kerk Hwang  Lok Morning Song No 17
 Atanas  Matsoureff Nr. 52
 eileen  mccullough  Bathers at Bird Rock
 Gayle  McDaniel  Sentinels of the Pond Struck by Lightening
 Mark  McDermott Cais PalafĂ­tico da Carrasqueira #2
 Carol  McSweeney  In Grandpa's Garden
 David  Milton  Vintage Pin Ball Machine
 Christine  Misencik-Bunn  You Know What I am Thinking
 Mark  Mohr  Espresso
 Kathryn  Morganelli  Outdoors Woman - Inner Strength
 Vicki  Morley  Shelter in Place
 Woon Lam  Ng Next Train Coming 2021
 Cherrie  O'Hagan  Tiger Cubs
 Setsuko  Ohara  Master builder in Morocco
 Setsuko  Okubo  Spotlight
 Kris  Parins  Daughters of the North Shore
 Debra  Parmley  London Monday
 Sunny  Patton  Mustang
 Ann  Pember  Homeless
 Carol  Peterson  Practice
 Charlotte  Peterson  Toad Um Pole
 Irena Noreikaite  PETRAITIENE  The Mussels
 Joel  Popadics  Belfast Reflections
 Lisa  Pope  Cobalt Bumboozer
 Trish  Poupard  Urban Cowgirl
 Gregory  Radionov  Back to sun
 Mila  Raphael  Waiting for Tim
 Colleen  Reynolds  Tribal Branch
 Jay  Rider  Doorknobs
 Robin  Rogers-Cloud  Morning vespers
 Charles Henry Rouse  Rouse  PASTA GIRL
 Jim  Salchak  Comachos Farm
 John  salminen  East Broadway NYC
 Linda  Shaner  Saguaro
 DeEtta  Silvestro  Bingo
 Tuva  Stephens  Grizz The Storyteller
 Jane  Stoddard  Onions
 Jeff  Stoddard  Frosty Barbed Wire
 susan  stuller  A Magical Moment
 Deborah  Swan-McDonald  Binary Code Breakdown
 Brenda  Swenson  Hollyhocks
 Suz Chiang  Tan Song of the Life #10
 BARBARA  TAPP  Beneath The Eucalyptus
 Don  Taylor  Red Headdress and Pomegranate
 Judy  Todd Bolsa Chica Morning 2
 Phyllis  Tseng  Missing Time
 Kerry Stratton  Waltz  On The Edge
 Eric  Wiegardt  Beard's Hollow
 Robert  Willis  Mohawk Marshes
 Sandy  Winfree  Glass Star
 Voon Wong  Wong  Longing Home
 keiko  Yasuoka  Under the Spot Light
 Xiaochang  Zhang  The sun is still

Accepted Artists were also emailed a congratulatory email which also indicates which painting of their two possible entries was selected.

The Exhibition will be entirely online this year and available for viewing  on the Watercolor West website starting October 2, 2021.

If your name appears above and you did not receive an email, please check in your spam filters for a Mail Chimp email.

If you still did not receive an email, please contact Jeanette Hey by email at: heyjeanr@gmail.com

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